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Harbor Assist Vessel Management System

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Management systems and their customized design for specific industries are becoming more common and necessary in today’s global marketplace.

In the maritime industry – protecting vessels, crew, and regional or international accreditations are vital. Preventative maintenance, safety planning, and RCP, ISM, and Subchapter M audit success comprise the backbone of any durable, profitable shipping entity.

ESA possesses a unique wealth of experience - combining a sophisticated background in maritime consulting, enterprise software, and standards assessment relating to good maritime business practice and documentation of that practice.

Risk Mitigation – the Essence of ESA’s Harbor Assist VMS

The use of clipboards and physical notebooks for maintenance records or safety drills is not just increasingly relic in today’s maritime community, it is also questionable business practice in terms of risk management.

As shipping enterprises realize greater complexity in order to fulfill greater client expectations, the most basic component offering the greatest odds for consistent success is accurate, timely transfer of information. Furthermore, transfer of information in a traceable, electronic format to the right audiences within appropriate windows of time is essential.

The ESA Vessel Management System directly answers this need for proper information flow between craft and shore through its proven proprietary software application.

Why a Harbor Assist Vessel Management System?

Harbor assist is a highly-skilled, high-turnaround activity in the nation’s ports and harbors. Day boats, vessels, tugs – by any name the acrobatic moves they must make in next to impossible positions to move the client’s ship or barge through confined spaces requires great skill and awareness.

Harbor Assist tugs therefore – while maybe not facing enduring trips as their ocean and river cousins, still face intense preventative maintenance, safety and information tracking needs.

ESA can ideally configure your fleet data to its Harbor Assist Vessel Management System format, providing maximum capital equipment life, the best safety management, and peace of mind.

ESA’s Harbor Assist VMS at Work

ESA’s enterprise software is the engine that powers an easy-to-use, extremely powerful maritime application designed to alert, monitor, exchange, and track hundreds of processes and procedures required to operate a craft while having a clear window into those operations ashore.

Whether above deck or below deck, bunkering practices or safety routines, from the greenest deckhand to the most experienced Port Engineer – literally every task and job description responsible for those tasks can be fully integrated into an ESA Vessel Management System.

With audit-compliant ISM or RCP document management functionality, various Task Engines automatically drive routine maintenance to the most mission-critical tasks from cradle to grave.

ESA - Solving Caveats of other Harbor Assist Systems

Connectivity: Even if a vessel is out of satellite/internet connectivity range, the crew can continue to perform its work utilizing ESA’s VMS. The system automatically stores all input data and releases it to shore once the craft reaches a connectivity point.

Ease of Use: After some simple training, every member of your organization – no matter their level of computer experience – will enjoy a comfortable rhythm utilizing ESA’s Vessel Management System in their daily work. The system sn’t designed for computer science aficionados – it’s designed to help every day maritime workers be more efficient in completing their designated tasks.

User Groups: ESA’s VMS provides varying levels of access based on worker responsibility and risk management. Ground floor workers only see and report to tasks inherent in their daily work. The higher the floor, the wider the
application opens – aggregating access, alerts, and tracking mechanisms. Port Engineers and Boat Captains see virtual “dashboards” of their various craft in relation to all maintenance, safety, and records keeping.

ESA – A Boutique among the Giants

ESA occupies a p precise niche in the maritime marketplace. We are diversified and diligent in the delivery of the appropriate solution for our clients, yet we also provide a level of service and attention that isn’t commonplace among the large maritime software providers.

ESA’s sole business initiative is to cultivate, maintain and grow long-term relationships with its clients. Our VMS is 100% adaptable and scalable.

ESA’s philosophy is driven on the premise that all shipping entities should enjoy the same level of technological innovation and customized delivery of services. We view ourselves as not only the perfect technological fit, but also the perfect cultural fit to your shipping entity, regardless of size or purpose of fleet, home port, or ports of call.

ESA Harbor Assist Vessel Management System

ESA provides free consultation via conference call and powerful web demonstrations.

ESA can also assist in the assessment and delivery of your entire standards suite, be it RCP, ISM or ISO related. Concerning Safety Manual creation plus electronic version control delivery to your vessels , ESA can help.

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